Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my lost big toe

My Lost Big Toe

Like a Summer's perfection.

Each ray hitting my every pore.

Clothed in cotton white.

We used to walk, side by side.

Each whisper was a stimulus, waking up my senses.

Each breath I counted. Faultless.

Each touch was historic.

Can thoughts ever go away?

Will memories remain memories?

You're like my lost Big Toe.

I can still function normally,

but forever walking with a slight limp.

That was me. In my future.

Long gone. But will be back, soon.

Copyright 2009
By: Emery
July 11, 2009. 1.01 a.m

written out of confusion.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A very disturbing story.

A story that shocked me to my very core.

A 33 year-old female doctor was shot by his father. It was all over our local news here.

She was my sister-in-law’s colleague, neighbor and friend.

I don’t know her personally, but I’d like to be her on the last day of her life.

March 14,2009; 6:30 am

I woke up at the sound of my alarm clock. I tried to open my heavy eyelids and thought about my plans for today. I stretched my arms and legs as far as possible to gear me up for this unexpected day. I sat up and closed my eyes for a brief prayer of thankfulness.

I checked my phone for new messages and checked my calendar as well.

We have a conference at WestTown hotel with my colleagues. I prepared my clothes and laid them on my bed carefully. I took my shower longer than the usual.

Ate my breakfast and hurriedly went to the hotel.

It was so nice to be around people who share your interest in your profession. We chatted up non-stop because some of them I haven’t seen in years.

I listened to the lecture, took a few notes, and ate the free food.

Time just sprints when you’re having such a wonderful time. I then went to SM to buy some personal stuff because they were having a sale.

I had a little too much fun strolling around that the sun was long gone when we stepped out of the mall. I went home stat.

I had this bad weird feeling as I opened our gate.

I heard war.

War of swear words.

Coming form my mom and my drunken dad.

I was hesitant to open our door.

But I did enter.

My dad was pointing the gun straight at my mom’s face.

I joined the screaming party.

I was shouting words, I couldn’t remember them.

My mind was so outraged with all the chaos

The screaming and the madness continued for a couple of minutes.

I closed my eyes.

And in a split second, I realized that he was going to do it.

Pull the trigger.

And without any hesitations, I jumped in front of my scared mother..

And felt the bullet burning in my chest.

I took my last breath.

copyright 2009: by emery gem gallinero, written out of confusion. :)

3rd Flor. SRG Building.

Such things are still unknown to me..
Like the dirt on my face.
the wind of my heart.
The echoes of my soul.
Closing my eyes.
Remembering a child's embrace. So pure.
It's like painting a sky with a gray paint.
Always that feeling when it's about to rain.

Copyright 2009 by: Emery.

Friday, June 5, 2009

What have I to dread when loneliness has taken toll on me.

Emery. Copyright.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

S et. Sx

There you were.. froma distance
you saw me.. you kept talking.
I was listening.
you tapped my back.
i said "hey" et. that was it.
I saw kids having fun.
I got jealous.
if only..I could tell you everything.
i could open myself and mind
to let everything out.
I cry and just keep everything to myself.
because that's who i am.

copyright. Emery 2008
10/29,2008 6:59 pm

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Runaway, coz I can’t stop this thing we’ve started

Runaway, it’s the wrong thing that’s chasing me

But I guess its easier said than done…

I knew from the start

You were secretly rooting for us to pull through.. somehow.

We’re like a blurred picture uncertain of our image

I’m unearthed.


Copyright 2009. by: Emery Gem Gallinero

9:53 p.m 01/14/09

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Thinking with my thick eyelashes strewn about...
et. my eyebrows depressed...
this doesn't feel good, i told myself
it's like having to drink a glass of fat..
you can't take it..
now you're choking..
et. when things can't get any worse..
.. it can't..
et. you realize.. you'd only be less weaker
hence, a lot stronger
than what you're coming off..
to someday be the strongest..

Copyright 2008
by: Emery, PTRP
February 15, 2008 10:31 p.m

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sitting with my legs crossed..
a smile. Happy. Hopeful.
and i think of one simple goal.
do somethign worthwhile.
And make people feel okay.
Until they sleep.. tonight..
And so they are..
But I'm not..
Coz i worry a lot..
And i cannot stop thinking ..
of the world and its emotions..
I feel them..
all the time..
by: Emery Gem Gallinero
October 2, 2008
11:36 p.m

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



He was.. yes he was…

Another day to work my neurons..

I hold my spirits down low..

He walked.. yes he walked..

Et. The world seemed so random
of ABC’s and 123’s

Wanting some more..
He smiled.. yes he smiled..

A dinosaur stomped on me..

On my invisible wings..

These I will never forget..

He blinked yes he blinked..

Of laughter and sorrow..

Slowly swimming into his stares..

And kept it..

Copyright 2007 (5/11/07) 11:45 p.m

Saturday, August 2, 2008


All grown-up and ready to fly

Jumping around to be fit and to fit..

This could be it..

Or am I just wearing my slippers

on the wrong foot again..

I could be a thick giant text book..

Intimidating yet can be interesting

to those who love interests…

et you could be a big leaver with a stupid suitcase..

you chose to leave..

copyright 2008 by: Emery Gallinero (2/20/08) 12:25 a.m

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

extended neck..

The stakes are high

for you to get by

i hope you find the gift in me..

miles we've been apart..

distance we've been misguided..

tongues used to cross..

for you will be my forever..

like a ghost..

eager to do her unfinished business..

i.. stand here...

with arms wide open..

and.. eyes closed..

by: emery 8:20 p.m 7/28/08..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Waxes and Wanes

My words are just mere silver linings to what i think...
just somehow in my rectangled bed...
I'm waaay too tired..
sometimes even just to think..

heartaches were a mere chapter in my night stills..
I may be weak..
but I know I can make it..


It's just a simple mixture of triumphs and tragedies..

Help me breathe again..

By: Emery 5/3/07; 9:59 pm ..

Writings on my wall

i do have a personal blog.. (for the daily things i learn, gossips i hear, thoughts to ponder, rantings.. etc..)
but i just want to make a separate one entirely dedicated to all the things i write.
the beautiful ones.. the ones that i'm actually proud of.. i post or write them on my wall.
they're just scattered there.
so i made this site just for them in case our house gets (though..i really hope not) gets burned or flooded.

they're mostly poems, short stories, songs.. (oh yeah.. i sing too).. hehe..
be posting them here one by one..